A long overdue, and eagerly awaited for feature, is now here!

We are thrilled to announce the release of Version 6.0 which includes support for Retina Display.

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A big thank you to our buyers, who so patiently waited for this release, and those soon to come.

We appreciate your continued support and if you bear with us, we'll do our best to make up for it.

In this release, we introduce it as a "Feature" and "Maintenance" update, as it contains a little of everything.

The first in what will be a series of updates over the next few weeks.

The January 31st, 2019 update includes the follow [Version 6.0]:

  • Added: Support for Retina Images (enabled via Theme Options >> Gallery / Portfolio).
  • Added: Support for PHP 7.0+
  • Added: Support for PHP 7.1+
  • Added: Support for PHP 7.2+
  • Added: The capability of re-using previously uploaded and existing Media files in Galleries.
  • Added: New Styling Options to further customize your Mobile Menu look and feel.
  • Added: Included the same Page/Post Meta Options for customization in WooCommerce Products.
  • Added: The ability to define how many products to display in WooCommerce Shop.
  • Added: Support for the new Gutenberg Editor included in WordPress 5.0+
  • Added: Latest version of Page Builder (formally Visual Composer) included in download.
  • Added: Latest version of the Fullwidth Audio Player included in download.
  • Added: Styling options to change the Slider text background color (previously this was an image).
  • Improved: Resolved and updated outdated WooCommerce files.
  • Improved: WooCommerce Pagination localization improved.
  • Improved: FontAwesome scripts have been updated to latest versions available for download.
  • Improved: Combat spam with our KingSize Contact form now offering reCAPTCHA options.
  • Improved: Now multiple types of Galleries can be shown within a single page/post.
  • Improved: Can now disable Portfolio Post Titles links (when creating Portfolio posts, use Meta Options).
  • Improved: Update process for updating your theme and errors that will often display.
  • Fixed: Slider title styling options were not being applied after defining them in the Theme Options.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Prices now have their own styling options for customization.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Product Gallery arrows (left/right) were not working correctly.
  • Fixed: In some scenarios, WooCommerce Search would give false "ZERO" returns.
  • Fixed: TinyMCE Script Errors that displayed when updating to latest Gutenberg Editor.
  • Fixed: Google Map script error has been resolved (only displayed in some environments).
  • Fixed: Lightbox errors with Page Builder Galleries.
  • Fixed: Navigation Overlay issues.
  • Fixed: Navigation Styling Issues (Submenu Text).
  • Fixed: Post Comments breaking when displayed inside Blog Post Loop.
  • Removed: Internal Theme Updates Notifier (has been discontinued from within our theme).

Less than a week out from this update, we are already working on our next feature release, Version 6.1.

In this upcoming release, we will be including a few new features and capabilities our buyers will enjoy.

A few things to look forward to are:

  • A new cart button integrated for WooCommerce.
  • A complete demonstration of Photographer Management (with the use of clients and sales).
  • A conditional Mobile option for Background Images and Background Sliders.
  • Improved support for Portrait images inside Galleries.
  • ...and more!

We are always looking for suggestions to improve KingSize WordPress, so drop us a few if you've any!

We plan to make 2019 a year that brings back KingSize WordPress and what it has to offer all of you.

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Be Smart, Backup Before You Start!

While it is certainly not our intention to cause issues when you update, mishaps do happen!

We attempt to thoroughly test these with Beta Testers prior to release but sometimes mistakes get through.

We cannot stress how important it is to maintain a recent BACKUP of your website.

This should be performed prior to any updates (whether it's a plugin, theme or WordPress core).

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